Posted by on Sep 29, 2011 in Disc Duplicators, General News | 1 comment

Primera recently announced a new model of its Bravo Archive-Series Disc Publishers, now with recordable drives and media from JVC Advanced Media U.S.A., Inc.

JVC Archival Grade DVD-R is ISO certified – the first optical media ever to be recognized by this leading international standards group. Recorded data can be retained safely for more than 30 years. For wedding and anniversary videos, data, photos and any other applications that simply must last for decades, the new JVC/Primera solution is the best and most economical of its kind.

Primera’s best-selling Bravo SE Disc Publisher is the first automated disc publisher to incorporate JVC’s new Archival Recordable Drives and Archival Grade DVD-R media. Bravo Archive-Series Disc Publishers with JVC Archival drives are able to burn the Archive Grade DVD-R as well as standard CD-R and DVD-R.

The Bravo/JVC Archive-Series Disc Publisher sells for US$2495.00 (MSRP). JVC Archival Grade DVD-R is available for US$99.75 (MSRP) for a 25-disc spindle which is just $3.99 per disc.

The Bravo/JVC Archive-Series Disc Publisher and media will be available in October 2011. Pre-orders are now being taken. Call Primera Technology, Inc. at 1-800-797-2772 (USA and Canada) or +1-763-475-6676 for full details.